Milwaukee's New Safety Footwear Revolution: FlexTred™ and ArmourTred™ Unveiled

Milwaukee is set to redefine the standards of safety footwear with the upcoming launch of its innovative ranges, FlexTred™ and ArmourTred™. As a trusted partner in professional workwear, is thrilled to introduce these game-changing products to our lineup. Slated for release in May and September 2024, respectively, these ranges promise to cater to diverse needs across all trades, combining unparalleled protection with cutting-edge technology and design.

The Future of Footwear: FlexTred™ & ArmourTred™

Crafted with the modern tradesperson in mind, Milwaukee's new footwear range breaks the mold with its blend of style, comfort, and safety. The FlexTred™ series, launching in May, focuses on lightweight, breathable, and metal-free safety trainers and boots, perfect for those who value agility and comfort without compromising on protection. The ArmourTred™ series, set to debut in September, takes durability and protection to the next level with its heavy-duty construction and advanced safety features.

Unpacking the FlexTred™ Range

FlexTred™ is all about flexibility and comfort. Designed for those long days on your feet, especially in warmer conditions, FlexTred™ shoes feature a unique combination of ENERGY FOAM heels, STEP-RELEASE™, and ROLLCAGE™ technologies, ensuring comfort, ease of use, and stability. With five different styles to choose from, including both S1PS and S3S safety ratings, FlexTred™ offers something for everyone, from the roofer exposed to the summer sun to the craftsman who demands flexibility and durability in equal measure.

ArmourTred™: The Definition of Tough

ArmourTred™ answers the call for a more rugged, protection-first footwear option. These four heavy-duty models are built to withstand the toughest conditions, featuring a pull loop for easy wear, a heavy tread for superior grip, and materials like full-grain leather for ultimate durability. The ArmourTred™ range also incorporates Milwaukee’s patented features, such as SHOCKSHIELD and Heat Resistance, making them a formidable choice for those facing the most demanding environments.

Key Features and Innovations

Milwaukee’s commitment to innovation is evident in both the FlexTred™ and ArmourTred™ lines, with features like the BOA® Fit System for lace-free fastening and the Sympatex® waterproof membrane ensuring that these boots are not only safe and durable but also comfortable and stylish. The distinction between the two ranges lies in their intended use: FlexTred™ prioritizes flexibility and breathability, ideal for day-long comfort, while ArmourTred™ focuses on maximum protection and durability for those in more demanding or hazardous work environments.

A New Era in Safety Footwear

As we anticipate the release of these revolutionary footwear lines, we're setting the stage for a new era in safety and performance on the job site. Whether you prioritize agility and comfort or robust protection, Milwaukee’s upcoming offerings are poised to meet and exceed your expectations.

Stay tuned to for updates on availability and more detailed insights into each range. Milwaukee is not just stepping up the game in safety footwear; they’re redefining it, and we’re here for every stride of the journey.

Your Thoughts?

We’re eager to hear what you think about Milwaukee’s innovative approach to safety footwear. Do the FlexTred™ and ArmourTred™ ranges align with your needs on the job site? Let us know your thoughts, and keep an eye on for the latest updates and availability of these exciting new ranges.